The Structure of KRAVolution

Descisions are not made by only one master, there is a dual leadership of CEO and Head Instructor. The organisation is divided into:

Advantage for Students

We train Krav Maga by principles and not by curriculum meaning we teach techniques and a substantiated understanding of how the system works.

The ongoing development of the Krav Maga system is ensured through an international team of Krav Maga experts and continual testing that guarantees a high quality training. Meetings will take place once a year to ensure we maintain such high standards. No Master decides on his own about the teaching methods or the curriculum, it is the decision of the KRAVolution instructor team how we continually develop our system. Further it will be constantly tested by professionals all around the worldand is verified by the new developments and knowledge of its professional users.

Testing will be set up at your local location for best personal improvement at least 4 times a year. There won´t be any conditional pass of testing, you either pass or fail. This means whether a student passes or not, the testing can be repeated, and further: no blocking period after testing for beginners.

All levels are given by international Krav Maga Organizations such as IKMF or KMG are equivalent to the KRAVolution grading system and can be adopted. Students from other organizations can participate in a transition course to verify their training level.

Finally we offer, through our consistent accounting system, the possibility for free training in other national and international locations of KRAVolution, so training is possible during vacation without additional fees. Benefit from member discounts for seminars and discounts for the KRAVolution Onlineshop. Every member is part of a strong international community.

All Instructors have to participate in educational trainings consistently to guarantee the highest level of training and student education. This training method ensures that Krav Maga is taught by principles and not solely by techniques.

Advantage for Instructors

There is a franchising structure and dual leadership of the organization through the positions of Business Management and Head Instructor.

This means: No strict rules or permanent commitment, but only the obligation to stick to the code of conducts.

We are quite sure that you will stay with KRAVolution by choice as we are the best in training, education and support. We train Krav Maga by principles, not only by curriculum and we don’t just teach techniques but also the substantiated understanding of how the system works. KRAVolution offers direct contact to all officials of the organization without administrative barriers. You get opportunities for personal improvement and national and international support of the worldwide KRAVolution Expert Team.

Testing and assessment programs for active instructors exist to give them the possibility to test students from other schools. We want dedicated high quality instructors who really want to do their jobs with 100 % conviction because

quality comes before quantity.

All levels are given by international Krav Maga Organizations like IKMF or KMG, are equivalent to the KRAVolution grading system and can be transitioned. Instructors from other organizations can participate in special transition courses and have the possibility to confirm their knowledge and levels. Furthermore, the sporadic participation in already successfully passed instructor courses in order to improve skills is free of costs.