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Panagiotis Iakovou – Self Defense & Krav Maga Specialist and Consultant, Lead-Instructor

My goal and promise are my experience and knowledge to help people and make them better.

My long journey in martial arts began when I was only 9 years old with taekwondo. As an athlete, I was a Cypriot champion and was awarded at the European and World Championships. I have a black belt of 6 dances, and as a taekwondo coach, I belong to the Cyprus Taekwondo Federation, the largest member of the WTF.
My knowledge of Krav Maga was accidental when I went to Israel to shoot 12 years ago. Since then, I have faithfully served him as a student and certified teacher for civilians – women – children – VIP – army. I was the first to introduce Krav Maga in Cyprus and I am an IKMF E1 level instructor. Over the past 10 years, I have been Director of IKMF Cyprus and Lead Instructor with many successful seminars, courses and other events.
In recent years, alongside Krav Maga, I have coached K1, kick boxing and MMA and am a member of the Cyprus Mixed Martial Arts Federation (CMMAF).
Today, I am a proud member of KRAVolution, a new and growing organization with impeccable partners and a good quality Krav Maga, which not only stays in the program but makes you think outside the box to prepare yourself physically and mentally to manage risk directly in all circumstances.
My goal and promise are my experience and knowledge to help people and make them better.


Civilian  Krav Maga Instructor
Kids Krav Maga Instructor
Women’s Self-Defense Instructor
Military Instructor
VIP Protection Instructor

Fighting- & Selfdefense Skills:

Taekwondo,6 Dan
K1 Kickboxing
Krav Maga since 2008

Self Defense & Krav Maga Specialist and Consultant

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Fighting- & Selfdefense Skills:
• Krav Maga – Internationally recognized as an Instructor & certified ranks
• Judo (Black belt) – Internationally recognized along with registered in Canada & Japan
• Kickboxing (Black belt)
• MMA (consisting of Aikijutsu, Kyokushin Karate, grappling and weapons) (Black belt)
• Boxing
• Kempo
• Tae Kwon Do
• Wrestling

Professional Skills:

• Close Protection – Armed and Unarmed (Based on Krav Maga)
• Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT)
• NCCP certified coach (National Coaching Certification Program)
• Verbal Judo (Communication)

About Dave

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⦿ Edmonton South
NeighbourHouse Community Centre – 6811 92a Ave

Tuesday & Thursdays

Kids Krav Maga runs September – April 30.
Kids Krav Maga – 5:00 – 5:45pm Thursdays only
Krav Maga – 6:00 – 7:30pm

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⦿ Edmonton West

Westmount Fitness Club – 12840 109 Ave

Monday & Wednesdays

Evenings – 6:00 – 7:30pm

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KMS, more then Self-Defense


KRAVolution is in one of the largest and fastest growing Krav Maga organization in the world.  With different divisions we teach Krav Maga to everyday people, militaries and specialty units, law enforcement, VIP – Close Protection Officers (CPO’s), swat, security, rescue forces and shooting.  Because of this we draw information from many real-life resources including research helping us develop better techniques and evolve.  We host training camps, workshops and seminars around the world for all our divisions which is a great way to gain extra high-level training while meeting new people like yourself.

Regular Krav Maga Classes

Krav Maga builds a stronger you by building, self-confidence, self-esteem, and a whole new skillset, and  increases your fitness level by combining a evolutionary form of self defense and physical training based on the use of reflexive responses in a controlled safe environment. Krav Maga Solution (KMS) teaches you a realistic self defense system designed to teach you how to survive the street while providing you with an excellent source of fitness, whether traveling abroad or at home, you and your friends and family need to be safe.  Violent crimes are becoming more apparent and when we open the Internet or the paper we are constantly reminded of this globally. According to Statistics Canada in 2017 the overall volume and severity of violent crime was 80.3, 5% higher then the previous year. In 2017 Alberta saw a 5% increases over 2016.   As the severity of crime changes around the world we need better and more realistic self defense tools that evolve to become more effective.  If a system teaches you traditional martial art techniques or to teach you to take the fight to the ground for self defense, YOU have to question the effectiveness and their instruction.  Ask YOURSELF, will the techniques they are showing stop an assault or a sexual assault with one or more attackers at the same time?  Would your techniques stop the assault of one ore more stronger opponents using 100% of their strength?  Would the defense stop 10- 50 stabs with a knife or 10-50 swings with a stick or bat?  What happens if there are multiple attackers, and more then one weapon? Will you be able to protect your family or friends while being attacked?  Will you be able to defend from a road rage incident with kids in the back seat screaming while you have your seat belt on and stressing?

We teach YOU to defend against these types of attacks and many more while looking good! 



Fitness is a by-product of what we teach.  By customizing fitness techniques with Krav Maga you are able to achieve a high level of fitness while learning Real life self-defense in a controlled SAFE environment while having fun doing so.

Kids Krav Maga

The KRAVolution Kids Division provides a healthy self-assessment of one’s abilities. It is about empowering self-awareness and mediating behavior for conflict management.

Professional Training

Our courses are designed for professionals by industry leaders, whether your Close Protection C.P.O., Security, Law Enforcement, Military, Special Forces, Swat, Specialty Unit(s), Rescue Force or Shooter.  Our system is used in all divisions in some of the most hostile and violent situations in the world.  Because of this we evolve our techniques to become more effective.

Custom and Groups Training

We are a great way to build engagement and team work! Tired of the same old? Looking for something new, different and exciting? We have custom seminars & workshops for your needs. Corporate, & Community Events; Team Building; Birthday, Stag & Stagits, and More!

We Travel to You 

Fort Simpson, NWT Youth Event

We travel to you…  We will come to you anywhere in Canada and the world. Contact us for scheduling.

Discover Krav Maga and learn self-defence skills that could save your life? If you would like to host a special event for your business, group function, special event or school or are interested in brining Krav Maga to where you live CONTACT US!

Krav Maga Solution and KRAVolution do custom seminars and training, and will come to you almost anywhere in the world and we can tailor the training to your specific needs.

Who can book a seminar:

In-town or out… Even Out of Province We can come to you!

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